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BUIDL a dApp in One Day


Saturday, Feb 25  |  9am – 6pm 

Monday, Feb 27  |  9am – 6pm

Wednesday, Mar 1  |  9am – 6pm

Come build a dApp in a day!  Pick your day:

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Web3 is changing.

Blockchains have changed the world. And Web3 is expanding into a rich ecosystem. Filling new niches in this environment Holochain uses a different method to ensure data is accurate and tamper-proof in a way that can be used for real-time collaboration at Web2 scale.

Mary Camacho

Interim Exec Director


Eric Harris-Braun



Matthew Schutte

Business Development


Arthur Brock



  • Holochain is a framework for lightweight, scalable, P2P apps that supports and extends blockchain solutions
  • Get started building a Web3 app in an hour with our easy to use scaffolding tools
  • Learn directly from the Holochain Co-founders and meet other developers from the team

Why Holochain is different.

Holochain is a data integrity engine for peer-to-peer applications. It mixes the principles of torrenting and blockchains to make lightweight, highly scalable networks that also have strong validation rules. This means Holochain is perfectly adapted for web3 applications and ideal for use cases where blockchains are impractical.

Rather than a central chain, each agent holds their own hash chain; for security and data availability, additions to this chain are shared with peers on an app-specific DHT. This avoids the bottlenecks of global consensus while providing a secure history 

Holochain's structure focuses on global visibility of a local state, rather than a global consensus of a global state. 

Learn directly from our team.

What can you build in a day?

Our build days are designed to introduce you to Holochain and get you coding fast. 

With pre-scaffolded apps for those who want to work on frontend implementations, and easy scaffolding tools for those who want to spin something up from scratch, 
you won’t just have a chance to learn our framework, you’ll have something to show for it.

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  • 9am – 6pm event with coffee, breakfast, & lunch 

  • Dev environment prep & group formation

  • Micro workshop options throughout the day on:

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Choose one build day—or come to all!

What to expect:

Posner Center for International Development

1031 33rd Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

Event Location:

  • Anchors, links, and graph building
  • Creating and retrieving collections of data
  • Peer-to-peer accounting currency implementations
  • UI patterns for event sequences in distributed systems
  • Determinism constraints and setting up validation rules