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Imagining Web 2030

Imagining Web 2030. 


Tuesday, Feb 28  |  6:30pm – 9pm 

An Open Space exploration event: 

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The terrain we'll be exploring.

This Open Space exploring the future of the web is for both the practical, technically-focused people—and entrepreneurial dreamers. Together, we can design business opportunities that are disruptive, sustainable, and fit not just for today, but that serve as tools for a better tomorrow.

Mary Camacho

Interim Exec Director


Eric Harris-Braun



Matthew Schutte

Business Development


Arthur Brock



  • Will we recognize internet business models in a decade?
  • How will we use and empower our digital identities? 
  • How can markets include value backed by real world assets?
  • What will be the civic role of the internet? 

What to expect.

Chat with some of the team, including: 

Consider these dimensions of change: 

Posner Center for International Development

1031 33rd Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

Event Location:

  • 6:30pm - 9pm event 
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Open Space principles (bumble bees and butterflies welcome!) 
  • Three break-out sessions
  • Share-outs 
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Collaboration: knowledge bases, project management, group decision-making

Communication: social media, chat, publishing

Economy: supply chain, currencies, marketplaces

Edge computing: internet of things, sensor networks, smart microgrids

Redundant data storage: content delivery, cloud backup, archiving

Network optional: disaster response, low internet penetration geography, local-first

Privacy-first: medical records, secure messaging, digital identity, private communities

Community-run: infrastructure for organizations with tight budgets and low IT experience

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